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Skylark School of Dance present the world premiere of their children’s ballet The Golden Key, Aleksey Tolstoy’s Soviet re-imagining of Pinocchio. Follow the adventures of puppet-brought-to-life Buratino, as he tries to unlock the secrets of his makers workshop. From enchanted marionettes to ancient turtles – magical friends are there to guide him in his quest. Will Buratino find the answers he seeks? All will be revealed this summer.,


Tickets £16.50
Churchill Friend and Sidekick £5.00 off
Concessions (including children under age of 16) £11.50

Find your strengths and success

 ‘I really want every student to understand that everyone can be successful in dance in their own individual way. Someone else’s strength does not equal your weakness. 🌟 As a teacher I truly wish each dancer to find their strengths and success.’ ~Miss Anya — at Skylark School of Dance.

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week

This year’s theme is ‘Body Image’ – how we think and feel about our bodies. Body image issues can affect all of us at any age.

Our society has created an image of what the perfect body is and many young people, especially dancers, fight to achieve. 

One of our main goals at Skylark School of Dance is to promote both physical & mental wellbeing through dance and encourage students to be happy and confident in their own skin. 🌟

Let’s be kind and spread love not just this week but every week.» ~Miss Anya

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Exams are complete

Dance exams are over! 🌟 What an emotional day it was. We are so proud of all our students, who worked really hard. Well done Skylarks! 👏

Parents at Skylark School of Dance

We are so lucky to have such dedicated and involved parents at Skylark School of Dance.
You spend time after work, during weekends and holidays helping children practice and revise. Your support helps the students to achieve even better results and we’re grateful for all your efforts. Thank you! 💖