What Fantastic Beasts Lurk in Basco House?

What Fantastic Beasts Lurk in Basco House?

Those of you who know us know that, here at Skylark School of Dance, we only do things for the brave of heart – when we put on an event, we go all out!

We have plenty of tricks (and possibly treats) up our sleeves for those of you who dare to enter the school on:

Date: Saturday 30th October.

Time:13:00 to 15:00 (ages 3 to 6)
16:00 to 18:00 (ages 7+)

Address: Basco House, 27A
Widmore Road, BR1 1RW

Price: £25 per child (£5 sibling discount)


Those brave enough to join our enchanted event won’t be disappointed. Activities include: dark arts, charms to craft, devilish disco, ghoulish games and much more magical mayhem!

And, in a Basco House Halloween tradition, we encourage any budding potion-makers to bring betwixing baked goods to raise money for charity. Provided the nifflers don’t eat them all.

Join us… if you dare!

Basco House, 27A Widmore Road, Bromley, BR1 1RW
077 8934 6299
020 8460 0924
Monday – Friday: 09:00 – 16:00
Sunday: 10:00 – 16:00

Monday Motivation

Following the recent success of teen tennis champion and fellow Bromley resident Emma Raducanu we wanted to highlight the success of our own little champion Skylark Andrea who surprised us all when she came back from Japan having achieved 6th place in the Japan Junior Olympics competing in Synchronised Swimming!
We are so inspired by our students who immerse themselves in a variety of extracurricular activities from swimming, to gymnastics to martials arts etc. Something many successful sports people and athletes have done like Raducanu herself who studied ballet to improve her sporting skills.
Doing an activity alone is beneficial but won’t give you that spark that’s needed to achieve that X-factor in the activity you do.
People dance for different reasons, whether it be to accelerate their ability in different ways, express themselves through dance or simply for fun.
Ballet is not just for dancers, it’s for individuals who can’t just settle for being good enough, it’s for those who want to make a mark and know what they want in life.
A huge CONGRATULATIONS to @emmaraducanu
and our own champion Skylark Andrea. You are an inspiration to us all and the pride and joy of Bromley.

Tickets on Sale now

(please purchase via link below)
A Skylark Adventure…tells the story of a family of Skylarks, who are forced from the safety of their nest and embark on a quest for a new home, told in an enchanting medley of music and dance.Please join us on this journey that not only celebrates the schools 5th anniversary but also coming back home to the stage!

We are all so excited to see you there and perform for you after what has indeed been an adventure for us all.


Skylark Alexandra in Swan Lake

After the show was cancelled last year due to the pandemic, our very own Skylark Alexandra finally took to stage in the long awaited production of Swan Lake performed by the English Youth Ballet (EYB) English Youth Ballet – Official Facebook Page at Bromley Churchill Theatre Churchill Theatre Bromley

Cast in the role as a cygnet, Alexandra performed beautifully with confidence and an immaculate stage presence. What an exciting experience to finally be on stage showcasing all your hard work and dedication working alongside EYB director Janet Lewis MBE (formerly a dancer with The Royal Ballet and principal dancer with London Festival Ballet).

Skylark Alexandra we are so proud of you! 💐🎉⭐


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Skylark Fraya at bbodance Masterclass

As you may be aware our school is affiliated with bbodance @bbodance who are celebrating their 91st anniversary this year.
Our Skylark Fraya has recently attended a Masterclass with Principal of Birmingham Royal Ballet and newest patron of the bbodance Brandon Lawrence @blawrencedancer. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and dedication to dance. She had a wonderful time and immensely enjoyed the experience.
Huge thank you to the bbodance for their continued support and opportunities they provide to our students and teachers especially through such a tough year. We are proud to be a part of the bbodance family. ❤️

Our timetable for the first half of the autumn term

Exciting news! Our timetable for the first half of the autumn term is ready. More classes and new projects will be added to the timetable in the coming weeks. Book your classes now, as places are limited.

New Class Timetable PDF Available

Students are working hard

We’ve completed the academic year. Congratulations to all our Skylarks and their families – you’ve been amazing! If this year has taught us anything, it’s that we can overcome all manner of obstacles. With resilience and dedication, we can not only survive but succeed. We are so proud and love you all! Now time for a well deserved summer break. Have a wonderful holiday and we look forward to seeing you all back in the studio, for an exciting September.

Straight to the Pointe

We are absolutely astounded by our dancer Tiffany, who’s able to display this level of control, in her first time away from the barre. This is after just a single term (5hrs) of pointe work. In short, phenomenal! Watching our Skylarks improve is what gets us out of bed in the morning, so this achievements is like an early Christmas gift. Keep up the amazing work Skylarks!

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