Hopping off for the Easter break

And just like that we’re hopping off for the Easter break. Another great term of dancing, but where did the time go?! We had a blast and achieved so much. Now it’s time for a well deserved rest. Have a wonderful holiday Skylarks! We hope you have exciting plans in store. We can’t wait to see you back in the studio on Tuesday 19th April.

That’s a wrap!

We’ve completed the academic year. Congratulations to all our Skylarks and their families – you’ve been amazing! If this year has taught us anything, it’s that we can overcome all manner of obstacles. With resilience and dedication, we can not only survive but succeed. We are so proud and love you all! Now time for a well deserved summer break. Have a wonderful holiday and we look forward to seeing you all back in the studio, for an exciting September.

Huge thank you to our teachers and staff

A huge thank you to our teachers and staff for their dedication and perseverance throughout the most challenging period that has hit the entertainment industry.

Not only did we manage to make it over the other side we excelled, grew the company and are working towards bigger and better things in the future. 👏🎉❤️

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Basco Haunted House

To mark the end of our first half-term in our new home, we turned the school into ‘Basco Haunted House’, with Halloween-themed fundraising workshops. The Skylarks joined us in spooky dance-spectaculars, creepy creative-classes and a beastly bake-off. Your generous contributions will go towards creating our third studio, allowing more students to return to the school and helping us to keep class sizes manageable. We would like to thank all of our students and their families for their love and support. Also to all our teachers and volunteers that made these events happen. We had an amazing time! Enjoy the half-term break and we look forward to seeing you back next Monday. ❤❤❤

2020 Summer School

Our 2020 Summer School has drawn to an end, but what a week we had! It’s been an amazing experience and such a pleasure to welcome our wonderful Skylarks to their new studios.
This past week students have enjoyed classes in ballet, contemporary, street dance, musical theatre, arts, crafts, plus many more.
We’d like to thank everyone who took part and made such fantastic progress; we hope you had as much fun as we did.
What a great way to mark this new chapter in the journey of Skylark School of Dance at Basco House.
🎉✨💫♥️ @ Skylark School of Dance

Happy New Year!

So 2020 is almost upon us: let’s reflect on 2019. It’s been a year of fantastic achievements: we supported our community through outreach events; our students secured auditions and places on the British Ballet Organisation’s national scholar programme; and we put on our first, full-length theatre production – The Golden Key.

There have been challenges along the way, but through your support – both as advocates and hands-on volunteers – you’ve helped us prevail. Thank you for making this our best year yet!

A new year, a new decade, and the journey continues. What does the future hold for the Skylarks? We hope to take the school to new heights in 2020. Prepare for some exciting developments in January

We wish you all a Happy New Year and look forward to seeing you back in the studio next week!🎉

Celebrating Mother’s Day

Yesterday we had some very special guests. To celebrate Mother’s Day we invited Skylark mums to come and dance with us. It was great fun and an opportunity for parents to try what their children do in class – we can see where they get their talent from. Thanks to everyone who joined in and made it such a lovely day. 💖💐

Happy New Year!

Preen your feathers little Skylarks, it’s time to celebrate! Happy New Year to our ever growing family! Spread your wings and fly even higher in 2018; we hope that all your dreams come true.

P.S. Thank you to students for sharing their decorated Skylarks. Here are a few from the collection.

Halloween Workshop

Pictures are worth a thousand words. What an amazing day to launch our very first ballet workshop ‘The Pumpkin Halloween Fairy-Tale Ball’. We danced, we created, we had fun…a perfect way to start the half-term break. Thank you to all our wonderful guests that celebrated with us and to our incredible Skylark team; you’re the best!

Skylark Dance Year End

What a year it’s been!

The end of our first year at Skylark School of Dance and what a fantastic one it’s been!

Congratulations to all our amazing students for successfully completing their first year. You all did so well and we are incredibly proud of your achievements!

Now it is time for holidays and a well deserved rest. Enjoy the summer break and we look forward to seeing you all back in September.

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