Monday Motivation

Following the recent success of teen tennis champion and fellow Bromley resident Emma Raducanu we wanted to highlight the success of our own little champion Skylark Andrea who surprised us all when she came back from Japan having achieved 6th place in the Japan Junior Olympics competing in Synchronised Swimming!
We are so inspired by our students who immerse themselves in a variety of extracurricular activities from swimming, to gymnastics to martials arts etc. Something many successful sports people and athletes have done like Raducanu herself who studied ballet to improve her sporting skills.
Doing an activity alone is beneficial but won’t give you that spark that’s needed to achieve that X-factor in the activity you do.
People dance for different reasons, whether it be to accelerate their ability in different ways, express themselves through dance or simply for fun.
Ballet is not just for dancers, it’s for individuals who can’t just settle for being good enough, it’s for those who want to make a mark and know what they want in life.
A huge CONGRATULATIONS to @emmaraducanu
and our own champion Skylark Andrea. You are an inspiration to us all and the pride and joy of Bromley.

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